Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Pooch Buddhas are so much more effective than mere humans. 

They come to us as masters, already knowing all about love. We humans spend our entire lives trying to figure it out. 

They come to us as our teachers - showing us the path to enlightenment through play, naps, big greetings, curiousity, patience, awareness, unfailing gratitude... unconditional love.

The muse (black collar) with her brothers and sisters - just barely arrived and already masters at love

Perhaps this is because they have so much less time on the planet than we do. If I could be 7 times more effective in matters of the heart, I would happily give up my opposable thumbs.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Ever watched a pooch when she wants to engage you in play? How she will sit or crouch for ages with the goopy ball, kong, stick or flying squirrel thing in her mouth or between her paws? Staring intently at you and wondering, perhaps, why you are just a little too dense to be getting her message?

Or sitting under a dining room table, drool stretching toward the floor, waiting for a scrap to drop? Or a plate to be proferred for pre-rinse?

The ever patient Muse waiting for her human to figure it out
Although she will encourage me with the occasional sharp bark, The Muse can be very, very patient. She has been known to wait for hours with a shoe that she wants me to wrassle from her after chasing her through the house.

Patience is a foundation for loving kindness and a characteristic of all PoochBuddhas. They hone it daily through practice.  They trust that although they may not get exactly what they want, when they want it, they will certainly get what they need and at the perfect moment. They trust in abundance and are kind enough to accept the inevitable limitations of others, especially humans.

PoochBuddha patience links to a lack of attachment to how things should be and an acceptance of how things actually are. They don't push against the river, striving for what they want. They make their wishes known and then settle in to wait, Patiently.

Although The Muse is always delighted when I engage in play or give her a treat, she is also willing to be patient, secure in her knowledge that everything will work out for the best. Besides, patience sometimes means a nice long nap until the human gets the message. Perfect.

Loving Kindness

My religion is kindness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seated Meditation Practice

The muse loves it when I practice. She helps me to understand what a real downward-facing dog looks like and, as I take my seat, she settles beside me. For at least three seconds.

While I am shifting my mindful focus to the breath or to thoughts of peace and gratitude, she is beginning her subtle attempts to un-seat me. Although sometimes unsuccessful, these campaigns are always energetic and persistent, as is she.

Highly strategic, she begins by selecting her crunchiest, noisiest bone and proceeds to gnaw enthusiastically, while insinuating herself into my lap.

Then she brings gifts, among them her goopiest tennis balls, and her furriest blankets. These she offers ceremoniously by draping and dropping them on me. Slurpy face licks are thrown in for good measure.

By the end of the practice, I am often covered in bones, balls and blankets. Perfect.

Poochbuddhas know that  practice is about focus and acceptance. The muse was helping me to sharpen my focus and deepen my acceptance by providing distractions.

Seated meditation practice

Practice over, The Muse usually calms herself, curls up and drifts into a deep sleep, confident that her work here is done. Such a Poochbuddha.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here! Now!

Poochbuddhas know that Now is all there is. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a dream - the only living we ever do is in the Now.

The Muse is well aware of this. Her focus is that bird, those squirrels, this meal, this walk, this treat, that dog, that cat, that other dog.... Dwelling on missing the mailman yesterday or longing for a swim tomorrow isn't part of her reality. (Although she does have an uncanny way of ramping up the back-seat-barkfest when we near The Trail or The Other Trail or Spencer and Willow's House or The School Yard Where We Play Fetch, so she remembers, apparently,  Places Where There Will Be Fun).

Poochbuddhas know that The Present (name no coincidence) is where everything happens. It's where we can make choices to react or respond to what life sends our way. We feel our feelings, think our thoughts, and take our actions in the Now.

So being fully here makes perfect sense. We can change what we do/think/feel/choose right Now. We can't change the past or the future (or other people or the truth - but those are posts for another day).

The Muse loving her Present

Poochbuddhas know that when they are dwelling in the past or the future, they are more prone to feelings of  regret, guilt, anxiety, envy, and remorse. Better to be right here right now, yes?

A friend asks,  Where are your feet right at this moment? Why not be here with them?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The enthusiasm with which the muse devours her meals always amazes me. She gets the same food, day in and day out, and yet her gratitude never wanes. She shows the same excitement for the same forest trails and local parks we visited yesterday and the day before and.... In fact her enthusiasm begins when she hears me open the car door and mounts to a happy, shrieking crescendo as we approach the parking lot.

Serious eating
The Muse demonstrates her gratitude

PoochBuddhas live in an ongoing state of gratitude. Rather than focus on the negative (what, this food again? This trail?) they remain grateful for whatever is in front of them right now. Even the tough stuff is a source of gratitude for the lessons it brings.

A focus on abundance over lack creates a sense of PoochBuddha Peace that radiates and affects everyone in their presence. They know that each day we receive abundance that exceeds the capacity of our awareness.

If The Muse kept a gratitude journal (other than the one constantly in her mind) it would say food, walks, treats, naps, stretches, soft furniture, bones, sticks and it would then repeat as infinitum.
What would yours say?

Monday, May 16, 2011


PoochBuddhas are play-masters. They know that play is heart-centred and rejuvenating.

The Muse adores play and takes every possible opportunity to introduce it into our day. Her play bow is never subtle and always irresistible. Favourite play includes keep-away, fetch, and tug-o-war. Her energy for play knows no bounds. She has done a great job of training me and always wins with grace and humility.

PoochBuddha play includes everything and anything: witty repartée, goofing around and helpless belly-laugh -snorting are all fair game. PoochBuddhas play with kindness and abandon in equal measure. They play until they are plum tuckered out:

The Muse after Serious Play

PoochBuddhas don't take themselves or their lives too seriously. They are open to fun and lightness even on dark days.

Ever noticed how often the Dalai Lama giggles?